Coconut Kingdom Coconut Water

Coconut Kingdom is proud to be fully compliant with USDA Organic's organic standards

Coconut Kingdom Coconut Water

Coconut Kingdom’s “Dua Dua”, which is the Vietnamese terminology for Coconut Fruit, is ethically sourced from a province in South Vietnam. The province is named Ben Tre, and still annually holds a Coconut Festival to celebrate the regions rich history with the Dua Dua. This province contains arguably the finest green coconuts on the Planet.

Our delicious range of hydrating coconut water has a flavour that is regarded amongst the best in the world. This can be attributed to the PH levels of the soil within the Ben Tre region. Our water is derived from the fruits of the palms in Ben Tre only!

Coconut Kingdom’s Coconut Water has been ethically sourced, and manufactured, under pristine conditions to support the peoples’ local economy. Coconut Kingdom has a bright, crisp, clean, refreshing flavour, and boasts 30% less sugar than leading coconut water brands on today’s market. Coconut Kingdom is 100% coconut waterno concentrate, and literally no additives. Coconut Kingdom is low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, contains less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink, and is super hydrating.


100% Organic Coconut Water
30% Less natural sugar than other leading brands
No additives & no fat